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Drooling Opossum
dig Artists Drooling Opossum
Sauce: Drooling Opossum
11 Tracks
Release Date: 12/21/2000
SAUCE is a three piece, high octane intsrumental group that takes its music from many forms inculing rock, jazz, funk, and world beat. The album "Drooling Opossum" is a representation of one of many musical periods for this group. The artists in SAUCE have constantly challenged their approach and style as well as diversifying in venues. They've become accustumed to playing everything from small coffee house's to big raves. This exciting and highly kinetic group features Mike Peterson on drums, Stephen Gauci on tenor sax, and Bob Heinemann on bass. Peterson and Heinemann are still playing together in a group called Chromatic Jones. Peterson also plays in a fantastic and unparalleled speed metal group called Apes of Wrath. Heinemann holds down the bass for the soundscaping electronica ensemble called SAMO. Both groups are located in Seattle. Gauci moved to New York to further his studies at NYU and is finding himself playing with some of the top downtown players of the New York scene. He's also released a solo album. The group plans on some more reunion gigs in both the Northwest and in New York.