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dig Artists Live at the 700 Club
Futomaru: Horns & Vinyl Live at the 700 Club
9 Tracks
Release Date: 10/31/1999
Futomaru is a big phat musical project that has been changing names for many years. It began as "Pangaea" which joined a weekly Thursday Night called "Horns & Vinyl" produced by Aaron Str8 and Mimsee Jones International.
This CD is a bootleg of one of those Thursdays at a Seattle club called the 700 Club. Doug Haire of Seattle based radio station KEXP 90.3 FM's "Sonarchy" recorded the night and edited it for a one hour broadcast on his show. dig made it into a CD. "Horns & Vinyl", the night, ended and from it's ashes, "Pangaea" was reborn as "Futomaru".