the Groove Groove is our mantra. WOW! Groove is that little piece of magic that an artist puts into a song and a record that makes it better than just "OK". To groove is to have soul, to have heart. Art that stands the test of time grooves.

That record that stays in your CD player and you listen to again and again grooves. Groove defies definition, it is spirit and thus beyond words. It is felt and heard and seen, but rarely understood. dig IS "dealing in groove".
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Thurs. July 27, 2006

Glad to see you! Peruse the pages and listen to the music!

Hardison has finished his new record. He's put together a great new band and has been touring as you read this! Get a flavor of what's to come and check out his two previous albums, "Sun Bros" and "Dead Comedians".

I've been seeing the Super Sonic Soul Pimps around lately. We'd love it if they made a new record!
Here's a rumor: Have you heard about Phat Sidy Smokehouse recently?

Groove with me baby!! Can you dig it? We ALL can do THAT!
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Every Thursday
June 29th

Marmalade @ ToST (513 N 36th St, Seattle, WA 98103, (206)547-0240) features Faith on Drum Kit, StingShark on Guitar, Tyrone Lovelace on Bass, Buddahful Mike and Chad Redlightofdawn on Keys, Big Talk Jon Ryser on Bari and Alto Sax, Kimo Muraki on Tenor Sax and Guitar and Vocals, Funk Love on Soul Vocals, and who knows who else might show up! This is being recorded every night!

July 21st

Phat Sidy Smokehouse @ The Bite of Seattle (Seattle Center, Seattle, WA) at 5PM. This is quite a suprise! Phat Sidy hasn't been seen or heard for some time. Can't miss this!
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